Previously, we talked about what is Xamarin, it’s pros/cons and Xamarin family members, It’s highly recommended to be familiar with Xamarin before kicking off with this series. if you haven’t checked it before you can click on this link.
In this series, we will be building up an application for a friend of mine, owner of Puzzlers Jordan in order to grow his business up and reach a better amount of customers/puzzle lovers.
At the moment of writing this post, the app hasn’t been created. so I’ll be building a simple functional mobile app with little to no complications for the two dominant platforms in the market (Android and iOS), I’ll be using Xamarin.Forms.
I made this decision after checking Xamarin’s site Is Xamarin.Forms right for your project? plus considering it as a challenge 😊


Finally, before we start we need to know what are the environments prior starting building the application:
This screenshot demonstrates windows and mac operating systems


So choose your preferred IDE and OS. As for me am going to use Xamarin Studio for MacOS as my IDE, feel free to follow along with any other IDE.

Before we start, note the below:

  • You have to be familiar with C# and little XAML.
  • Have a mac machine or at least connected to one since iOS platform is part of our solution.

Enjoy 🙂

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