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Hello readers,

I can’t tell you how much am excited to start writing blog posts, this is actually my first time I attend to write something that is more than 100 words, hilarious, isn’t it?

So first of all let me introduce you to myself my name is Amjad Al-Husseini am a software engineer at Aramex with many years of experience in Web/Mobile development, you can know more about me in here.

I’m going to write a series of blog posts each post going to produce a puzzle piece for our artwork puzzle.

Before you get started, Please note the following points:

  • Each post I write or opinion I give is my own and doesn’t reflect those of my employer, my colleagues or my family. They are my own opinions and may not necessarily be cohesive nor entertaining, but at least they’re original.
  • I have full rights to delete or edit any post in this blog without any prior notice to subscribers.
  • You can share any of my posts on any social network but you are not allowed to reference any of my posts to yourself by copying them or mocking the ideas.
  • My blog is meant to spread the knowledge not to get any attention nor to brag.
  • Feel free to correct me if you find any mistake of any kind (Technical, Linguistic…etc) by writing a comment or sending an email, at the end, we’re all humans and we all do make mistakes.


Latest posts: